About Scott Mead

Interests and life time achievements

Scott Mead, a former Partner and Managing Director at Goldman Sachs & Co., is an experienced investment banker and investor. Mead’s recent exhibition of fine art photographs introduced a different facet of this philanthropist and investment banker to the public.

The Photographer

Before the start of his accomplished career as an investment banker, Scott Mead considered a career in photography, whilst studying under prominent American photographers such as Emmet Gowin and William Eggleston. His grandfather’s gift, a camera, at the age of 13 started for Scott a lifelong interest in photography. While he put photography aside for some years to concentrate on his career in finance, he has now come full circle and returned to his love of photography and art. Two of his prints, “Evening Light” and “Untitled,” were exhibited in the Royal Academy's 2011 Summer Exhibition.
Some of Mead’s early works were exhibited at Hamiltons Gallery in London recently, and another exhibition of his more recent work is being planned.
After discovering film long ago stored away in his attic, he printed the negative of a large black and white piece entitled “Choices,” which tells the story of the decisions and choices that every person must make in the course of a lifetime. In the summer of 2012, that same print was chosen to be hung in Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and was featured in the BBC Culture Show. The RA’s show is the largest of its kind in the world and displays art from every media; it draws crowds from around the UK, Europe and the US, including many private collectors. Combining photography and philanthropy, all proceeds from Scott Mead’s photography exhibition went towards the establishment of a Gene and Cell Therapy Laboratory at the Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital, as well as an artist-in-residence program to benefit the children. 

The Investment Banker

Scott Mead’s initial experience in banking was in New York with the First Boston Corporation, and later at Goldman Sachs from 1986. After two years at Goldman Sachs’ New York office, Mead relocated to London where he played a significant part in the development of the firm’s European business. Mead worked his way through the ranks at Goldman Sachs during his seventeen years of employment with the firm, his last position being that of Partner and Managing Director. His responsibilities were in the areas of both business and management. During his career with Goldman Sachs, Scott Mead is said to have orchestrated transactions totaling some $500 billion. One of the best known was the acquisition of the German company Mannesman by Vodafone in 2000. This takeover, with its hefty price tag of nearly $200 billion, is considered one of the most complex deals ever completed. During the wave of privatizations in Europe and Asia in the 1990s, Mead advised many governments on related issues, as well as having responsibility for many of the firm’s major clients.

Apax and Richmond Park Partners

For two years Scott Mead served as a Senior Advisor with Apax Partners, where he played an active role in international and strategic development. During this time he was also Chairman of the Technology and Telecommunications Advisory Board.
In 2009 Scott Mead with two partners founded Richmond Park Partners - an independent merchant bank providing services in the fields of capital markets and risk and asset management. Richmond Park Partners strives to provide clients with expert service from an experienced management team, combined with innovative thinking and sound advice.

Philanthropy and other Interests

Scott Mead has many philanthropic interests and activities. He is the head of the Mead Family Foundation, established in 1996. The foundation is active worldwide, with its main focus being on healthcare, education and the arts. Scott Mead himself is also personally committed to a number of organizations, as well as being intent on running a charity marathon on each continent. 

In 2008 Scott Mead endowed the Scott Mead ’77 Family Head Coach for Harvard Men’s Tennis, strengthening his strong ties to his alma mater, Harvard. 

Personal Background

Scott Mead was born in the United States and educated both in the US and the UK. Since 1988 London has been home to Mead and his family.

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